What is Cybercrime & Threat Intelligence Solution?

Cybercrime & Threat Intelligence Solution provides an efficient and reliable single point of Advanced Malware Detection in order to mitigate cybercrime threats based on security events and intelligence feeds.

OGITFS work closely with Intelligence service provider and provide below advisories :

i) AML & Fraud Intelligence

  • Anti-Money Laundering & Fraud Intelligence is block of services targeting comprehensive analysis of potential risks to financial institutions, insurance companies, investments groups, private companies and corporations in terms of money laundering and fraud risks.

  • ii) Threat Intelligence

  • Protect against global threats, vulnerabilities, financial fraud or data leaks.

  • iii) Cybercrime Intelligence

  • Allow you to tag identifiers for receiving alerts and notifications based on a variety of cyber prints, like but not limited to: cybercriminal profiles, email contacts, money accounts, keywords, and compromised data or brands, which could optimize the job of your cyber intelligence threat teams and investigators.

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    OG IT Forensics overall provides efficient & reliable effectiveness of security operations in realtime cybercrime threats.

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