What is Media Degaussing & Destroyer Services?

Degaussing is a good way for safe data removal from magnetic media. Media are exposed to magnetic impulse, which destroys all records from media magnetic layer. Degaussing is effective, even for those that are not efficient.

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  • What's The Speciality?

    OGITFS is first degaussing service provider in Malaysia with loner access mode for customers. Our ProDevice degausser is high quality brand of machine for data removal from magnetic media.

  • ProDevice transport case for total protection, portability & handiness of the equipment is also available for ASM120.
  • Media Intended for Degaussing:

    ● HDD disks: 2,5" and 3,5"
    ● Carrier (disks from disk arrays with enclosure)
    ● Floppy disks, audio and video cassettes
    ● Tape for streamers :
    LTO1-LTO6, DLT, SDLT, DDS, DAT, AIT, Travan, SLR, QIC, 3592,3590E, 3480, 9840, 9940, T10K, VHS.

    We provide Degaussing services as below :
  • Sales of ProDevice – ASM120
  • Rental bases of ProDevice – Pre Paid
  • Degaussing service at our office :
  •       ✔   Verification Certification will be provided upon degaussing completed.
          ✔   Just bring in your media (Supported media listed below), and we can degauss it for you
    Contact : sales@ogitforensics.com  @ Call Us - +6016-2000397

    # NOTE :

    OG IT Forensic is the First Degausser with Pre-Paid Functionality! In Malaysia Now..!!!
    Degaussing process is a key for safe data removal from magnetic media.

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