Information that can be digital evidences in any litigations

Computer Information – Forensic Analysis on Hard Disk, External Drive, Thumb Drives

Confidential Files :

● Hidden, deleted, temporary and password-protected files can be recovered
● Documents and spreadsheets
● Contact information and calendars


● Confidential files transfer
● Confidential communication

Internet Browsing History & Habits

● Online banking transactions
● Online purchase/payment
● Online gambling, etc.

Pictures, Graphics, Videos & Music

Event Logs, Hacker Activity & Break-In Attempts

● Capture of suspect activity (fraudster activity)
● Timeline based for files, internet transaction,etc.
● Timeline capture of files transfer, email, chat..etc.

Software installed (illicit, pirated and legitimate)

● All types of programs details capture
● Etc.


Digital Evidence can only be obtained from Forensic Investigation & Analysis..!!